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$25,000 Challenge Grant Issued to Southwest Virginia Children's Advocacy Center

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The Southwest Virginia Children's Advocacy Center
of Mountain Empire Older Citizens, Inc., has the opportunity to receive $50,000 in greatly needed funds for the coming year, but they need your help to do so.

The Julie Christopher and Marge Connelly Foundation has issued a $25,000 Challenge Grant to MEOC to support the valuable work of the Children's Advocacy Center.  This means if the community and MEOC can raise $25,000 in new funds, the Julie Christopher and Marge Connelly Foundation will contribute an additional $25,000 to the program.

"Our Foundation is very impressed with their success in putting battered and badly abused children back together and in bringing hope for the future in situations so destructive that one can hardly imagine them," Julie Christopher said.  "That is one of many reasons that we have chosen to make this year's grant a Challenge Grant to the larger community they serve.  Southwest Virginia is so fortunate to have the Children's Advocacy Center and we are determined to see it survive these lean financial times."

The number of children served by the Children's Advocacy Center increases monthly.  However, the long lasting, positive impact of the Children's Advocacy Center and Partnership is demonstrated daily.

The Challenge Grant was given to MEOC in honor of the retirement of past MEOC Executive Director Marilyn Pace Maxwell.

"This opportunity for MEOC's Children's Advocacy Center is huge and will make the difference in the numbers of children we can serve and in the types of assistance we can offer," Maxwell said.  "This matching gift could not have come at a more needed time and is a gift that we absolutely must be successful in matching.  We have been shown a way to keep the Children's Advocacy Center operating and we must embrace it wholeheartedly and enthusiastically."

MEOC has designated the months of December 2012 and January 2013 to focus on fundraising for this wonderful opportunity.

If you would like to support the Children's Advocacy Center in this way, please make checks payable to MEOC and send to MEOC CAC, PO Box 888, Big Stone Gap, VA  24219.  Please put "CAC Challenge Grant" on your check or envelope.