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Southwest Virginia Children's Advocacy Center

The Southwest Virginia Children's Advocacy Center (CAC), an accredited CAC, is a child-friendly, child-focused, community oriented, safe facility where representatives from many disciplies meet to discuss and make decisions about the investigation, treatment and prosecution of child abuse cases.  The center is designed to accommodate children of all ages; helping to reduce stress and trauma for the child victim.


The multidisciplinary team (MDT) approach brings together, under one umbrella, all the professionals and agencies needed to offer comprehensive services:  law enforcement, child protective services, prosecution, victim advocacy and the medical community.  A specially trained professional conducts forensic interviews with the child victim, while team members observe and participate from behind a one-way mirror.  This approach reduces the number of times children must repeat their stories of abuse.  The initial contact person and the safe atmosphere are critical in the efforts to gain children's confidence and trust.

Mental health treatment services include short-term mental health therapy, crisis intervention, assessment, case management, safety planning, criminal justice and advocacy.  Because child abuse does not affect only the child, but the entire family, the CAC also offers the Family Advocate program.  This program provides case management, education and support to parents/caregivers to help them better understand the impact of child abuse.

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Healing can happen, children can learn coping skills that reduce stress and parents/caregivers can help by supporting their child/children.  Ignoring what has happened will not make the “hurt” go away.