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Support Us ...

A Few Ways Your Organization Can Support Our Mission:

 Collect Change.

Our Ruben Lovell Fund allows us to offer VISA gift cards or gas cards to patients in the amount of $35 or $50 to be used for travel (gasoline, a meal on the road, hotel expenses) to doctor’s appointments. Also, individuals under the age of 60 who were not previously eligible to receive liquid nutritional supplements are able to do so through this fund. Our Treatment Fund provides patients with products such as Radia-Guard Radiation Treatment Lotion and Miracle Mouthwash to assist with the side effects of treatment. A number of organizations, using gas cans as their collection plates, have gathered significant resources for these funds. If you would like a gas can for your organization, please contact the Mountain Laurel Center. 

Invite us for a visit.

We would love to spend time with you educating your group about the services we offer, early prevention, volunteer opportunities, or other cancer-related topics relevant to your organization. We’d also be happy to facilitate a story circle, allowing the members of your group to share their own cancer stories. Give us a call, and we’ll be glad to come for a visit. 

Talk about us.

If you talk with someone who might benefit from our program or who might be interested in volunteering with us, please tell them about all that we offer. We’re here to relieve some of the burden that cancer patients and their families face, and we need your assistance to make our services known.