MEOC’s Mission

Mountain Empire Older Citizens, Inc. (MEOC) is committed to the prevention of unnecessary institutionalization of older persons; to providing user-friendly, community-based, long-term care services which support family caregivers; and to advocating on issues affecting older persons. MEOC programs emphasize physical, mental and spiritual health as important, interrelated aspects of true wellness.

MEOC is further committed to the concept of intergenerational programming and to developing programs that use the talents and skills of both young and old in service to each other.

MEOC is committed to maintaining a public transportation system that is for all ages and abilities.

MEOC is committed to carrying out its mission in partnership with families, the community and other service organizations.

“Let us take care of the children, for they have a long way to go. Let us take care of the elders for they have come a long way. Let us take care of those in between for they are doing the work.” – African Proverb