MLCC awarded $500 grant

The Mountain Laurel Cancer Support and Resource Center (MLCC) has been awarded a $500 hunger and poverty grant by the United Methodist Appalachian Ministry Network (UMAMN).

The money will provide prescribed liquid nutrition to an additional 21 cancer patients served by MLCC. Cancer patients have faced isolation and numerous unknowns during the pandemic.

MLCC Coordinator Dianne Morris was recently notified of the award by UMAMN Executive Coordinator Angela Kirtdall. “The grant will help keep cancer patients safe and secure in their homes by delivering their prescribed liquid nutrition, providing much needed nourishment while they await or receive treatment,” said Morris.

UMAMN program goals are to assist with and encourage development of new ministries or expansion of current ministries working to eradicate hunger and poverty in Appalachia. As a previous grant recipient, MLCC was invited to apply for this emergency grant to address issues related to the current coronavirus pandemic.